Our process

3 steps to get your gut checked

Order your test & Collect your samples

Get your test-kit delivered to you, collect your samples and follow the instructions carefully, order a pick-up of your samples via DHL for direct delivery to one of our laboratories.

Together with your test-kit you will find detailed instruction on how to collect your samples, full equipment for sampling (see our FAQ) as well as a pre-printed freight label and information on how to contact DHL to book a pick-up from your door step.

All shipping costs are included in the price; the shipping of the test to you as well as the shipping of your samples to the laboratory are included in  the Parasite box.

Test-result & Consultation with a physichian

Your test result will be ready within 10-14 workdays after your samples have been received by one of our laboratories. When your test-results are back we will notify you via email  with further information on how to log-in and access your test-results.

After receiving your test-results you are able to request a call-up from one of our colleagues (free of charge) to walk through your test-results. Should you have any questions you then have the possibility to go through them with our colleagues!

In case of a positive test-result, we provide digital doctor’s appointments through our partner physician’s. The digital doctor’s appointments can be booked directly on our website (please visit our product page).  

Treatment plan & Follow-up

Our partner physicians can provide treatment with licensed medication (within the EU) in case of an established parasitic infection and positive laboratory test-result. During your Doctors consultation you will be provided with a treatment plan and a walk through of the  symtoms you are experiencing. 

If you previously had a consultation with a physician through our website and have undergone a treatment plan for a parasitic infection established by us, we offer you a follow-up test at a greatly reduced price after the end of your parasitic treatment.

Follow-up screening is to ensure that you have got rid of your parasites!

*Doctors appointment and prescribed medications are not included in the price of the Parasite Box.