Retest Giardia Lamblia

Retest after initial analysis. Reduced price for previous clients only.


Retest Giardia Lamblia

Price: 218 


With this test we retest you for Giardia and other parasites with our microscopic test that you tested positive for.

You can only purchase this test when you already tested with us and want to retest for various reasons.

If you already tested positive and had a consultation with a Dr – this test will not give you an additional free of charge consultation with a Dr working with us. If you tested positive and have not yet had your Dr consultation, this will still be available after this test.

In this test H Pylori and Clostridium Difficile is also included (69 EUR)


You can set up a FREE telephone consult with us. Just book it on our site and we can guide you to the best options for you.

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