The Usual Suspects (x3) + PCR Flukes

With this analysis we test 3 different samples from 3 different days.



The Usual Suspects (x3) + PCR Flukes

Price: 459 


With this test you will be tested for the most common parasites that we encounter with our clients. We  make use of PCR testing for some amoebas and microscopic analysis for worms, amoebas and flukes as well as antigene testing for Giardia. If you have a worm, fluke or Giardia, an appointment with a Dr is included.

This stool analysis evaluates:

  • Worms
    • Armed Tapeworm (Taenia S)
    • Whipworm (Trichuriasis)
    • Human roundworm (Ascaris)
    • Pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
    • Hookworm (Ancylostoma duodenale)
    • Hymenolepis Nana
    • Dipylidium caninum
    • Diphyllobothrium latum
    • Strongyloides stercoralis
    • Taenia Saginata
  • Amoebas and Protozoas
    • Giardia lamblia
    • Cryptosporidium spp
    • Blastocystis spp * (PCR)
    • Dientamoeba fragilis * (PCR & Microscopy)
  • Flukes
    • Fasciola Hepatica
    • Fasciolopsis Buski

If you want to add a specific PCR test for any of the mentioned worms and flukes above or Schistosoma haematobium, we can do so for an additional cost of EUR 45 – just email us and we will add it on a separate invoice.

* For these protozoans, no Drs appointment is included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.


You can set up a FREE telephone consult with us. Just book it on our site and we can guide you to the best options for you.

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