Consultation Dr van Elst (Follow-up only 15min)

Dr van Elst has extensive knowledge in treating patients and works together with the ParasiteClinic with the best laboratories within the EU to get the best available analysis made for assisting in cutting edge diagnosis.


Consultation Dr van Elst (Follow-up only 15min)

Price: 100 


This is a payment service of a digital medical consultation (first appointment) with our partner physichian Dr. Tim van Elst (15 minutes). Dr. van Elst is a medical Dr with experience in the treatment of parasitic infections.  The digital medical consultation takes place directly from Dr. van Elst private clinic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Quantum Clinics BV).

The medical consultation includes a digital meeting with the doctor (max 30 min) for the infections found thorugh ParasiteClinic – for other treatments, please enquire with hello@parasiteclinic.com for availability. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you do not have a booked medical consultation in connection with this payment, and that you need to book your medical consultation – available appointments can be found here. We recommend that you pay for your medical consultation in connection to booking your appointment.

Consultations with Dr. van Elst can take place in English or Dutch.

No discount codes apply to this service. This consultation is not performed by The Better Option AB, operating Parasiteclinic.com, but is provided by Dr. van Elst through his private clinic Quantum Clinics BV in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Payment is provided through The Parasite Clinic and guarantees you a medical consultation with Dr. Tim van Elst.

Should you be prevented or for any other reason not be able to attend your appointment with us, you can cancel your appointment with a full refund provided that you have contacted us no later than 24-hours prior to your appointment. Missed appointments are charged EUR 50.



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