Test for Lyme and other Coinfections (Large)

This Test package will give you an in depth view on your health with regards to Lyme and other coinfections often caused by ticks, such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma and Anaplasma.

We will assist you in getting a consultation with Dr Claussen or Dr van Elst when interested after receiving results of your DualDur test. A medical consultation for treatment is not included in the price of the analysis.


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Test for Lyme and other Coinfections (Large)

Price: 660 


Together with our partners we are offering a Lyme and coinfection test in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Ibiza (Spain), London (UK) and Nosara (Costa Rica) and we also offer it as a home test kit when you have your own phlebotomist available.

This is the most specific and sensitive test we know of in the world today for Lyme and coinfections.

The main method for analysis is DualDur by LymeDiagnostics for both Lyme and coinfections (Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia and Chlamydia Pneumoae (TWAR)). DualDur is a revolutionizing new method where Lyme can be seen in the blood and also be quantified in how large and active the infection is. In this package we also include a modified Western Blot test with 50% higher sensitivity than other Western Blot tests and it tests for 30 different Borrelia antibodies – and this will give a good insight in what types of Lyme that is found in sample and which one of these that the laboratory estimates is the most likely causative agent of symptoms.

A consultation to walk you through your results is included in the price and we have collaborations with both medical doctors as well as holistic professionals for alternative treatment options.

If cancellation is made less than 24h in advance, a EUR 150 fee will be charged. If the sample can not be withdrawn for reasons outside of Drs control, a fee of EUR 150 will be charged – but no charge for the analysis will charged if analysis will not be made.

If you want to do the test without the Western Blot Antibody test, or without Coinfections, we can arrange this for a reduced fee – but for anyone doing this the 1st time, we kindly advise you to take the full test in order to facilitate treatment going forward.

We will assist you in getting a consultation with Dr Claussen or Dr van Elst when interested, after receiving the results of your DualDur test. The consultation is not included in the price of the analysis.

Price overview

DualDur –  EUR 475

Western Blot Antibody testing – EUR 135

Blood Draw – EUR 50



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