Disturbed sleep

Parasites create a general imbalance in the body while many parasitic infections can go unnoticed, others make themselves more clearly noticeable and can negatively affect your energy level and sleep. When the  immune system and gut are out of balance as a result of a parasitic infection it can be expressed in reduced energy and stamina, you can experience tension in the body and anxiety and your ability to handle stress is also reduced. 

Some parasitic infections can also infect nearby organs next to the gut – for example the liver and kidneys, which has a direct negative impact on your well-being. All in all a parasitic infection can cause a lot of trouble in the body without us really understanding what the cause is. A recurring symptom is that many people with parasitic infections experience disturbed sleep and an inability to relax.


Disturbed sleep

Weight changes

Lack of energy


Stomach and intestinal problems


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